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Duro Bjegovic

Well, hello there to all of the basketball fans out there. I honestly never thought I would start blogging about basketball, but heck why not? As I am a professional basketball player I thought I might share some of my thoughts about the recent “craziness” with trades happening around the NBA. It has sure been an interesting summer with all the trades happening. I think this is the first time in the history of basketball the team rankings changed so quickly.

In about 2-3 weeks span or even that the power rankings have changed entirely. One of the trades which literally triggered the NBA “tectonic plates” to move was Kawhi Leonard choosing to join the Clippers and getting Paul George to join him as well. I honestly think nobody could off imagined this happening at all? I mean besides Paul, Leonard, and the organizations involved in the trade?

I just love listening to the ESPN predicting stuff being all “experts” on it only to be completely wrong. I think Leonard got the best of them twice already. Stop trying to predict what that man will do already. Just wait for him to announce it next time. lol

The Kawhi Laugh= Priceless


I think never before in the history of the NBA players are so easily leaving one team to join another for a better chance to win a ring. And, I honestly think that is ok. The times have changed, the NBA has changed, and we should just accept it. The time of stars sticking with one NBA team is in the past. Except for Damian Lillard maybe. Even though I am keeping an eye on him as well if he does not win a ring in the next 2-3 years. The truth is without having a couple of All-Stars on your team today your chances of winning a ring are slim to none. It all started with Lebron, then it moved on to KD joining the Golden State, and the rest is history now.

The Clippers Now

I think honestly Clippers hit a jackpot with these two trades no matter how much they gave up for these two players. Not only that they got two amazing basketball players who play on both sides of the court but they were also able to keep the core of their team which battled Golden State without a true superstar on their team. Plus both of these guys are still at the prime of their game. Kawhi is 28 and Paul is 29. I think in these days you have to take risks like this if you want to win a ring. There is no other way. And, if these two guys are able to stay healthy they have a pretty good chance to do so. As I mentioned above they already have some great players role around them who already built great team chemistry. And, they have an experienced coach in Doc Rivers.

They got Lou Williams a great scorer coming off the bench to give these two superstars some rest. They got a great young talented big man Ivica Zubac to basically rebound, and protect the rim for them. I think he will profit the most on all the pressure being on Kawhi and Paul George. He is going to get a lot of easy buckets. Not to mention Patrick Beverly who is a great defender and a very solid player on both sides of the court. And, they also have Montrezl Harrel who is another hard-working player who can play on both sides as well. They really have all the pieces they need to go all the way next year. I think defensively they are going to be the best team in the NBA. And, their offense is not far behind their defense. They have a great supporting cast to go along with two superstars. It is going to interesting watch how they come together as a team.

My Prediction

Well, it is really hard to predict anything these days. If they stay healthy my prediction is they will battle the Lakers in the West for the conference finals. I think honestly Leonard got really lucky this year with Thompson and Durant injuries. And, I think if that did not happen there is no way Toronto would have the first ring in the history of their franchize. But I think Golden State can’t complain really, because they won their first chip with Lebron basically playing with nobody on the court with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving going down with injuries.

Who do you got? Lakers or the Clippers?


The rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers will be fun to watch no doubt. Lebron and Davis combo against Paul and Kawhi. And, the ex-factor Cousins who I think if he stays healthy will give Lakers the edge they need to compete with the Clippers. I actually think with all these trades happening the NBA has gotten way more competitive. I think the balance of power has evened out a bit compared to the last years and many teams now how a chance of going all the way. What do you think about all these trade bombs dropping? How do you pick to go all the way next season? Would love to hear your opinion about it?

Thank you all for reading, have a great day all,

dbjegovic ???

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