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Get Paid for Posting, Sharing and Caring!

Post your content and have it published across several officials sites based on tags. This generates more views, followers, shares and links than any other platform. Get paid as it performs.

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Michael Stark

MediaOfficials.com is giving away 10 000 tokens per week to top contributors.

Mediaofficials.com is launching the Official Media Token. The main purpose of the token is to pay contributors for referrals, posting, sharing and interacting with content. Members can convert tokens into cash through our exchange partners, book trips through our travel partners and exchange tokens through our marketplace.

Members with a certain amount of tokens, posts and followers will receive a media official designation and badge which opens up access to new revenue streams, paid writing assignments, platform influence the marketplace and additional token awards.

The Media Officials publishing platform is built with blockchain technology which provides many advantages unavailable from other platforms like medium, huffington post, pinterest, tumblr, blogger and many more. Blockchain has zero transaction fees and allows members to tip each other for good content. Advertisers can pay Media Officials for interacting with content through actions like posting, commenting, sharing, voting.

Media Officials is paying members to identify, promote and reward top contributors, community builders and influencers while creating an interactive social community of support and sharing. As the community and content quality and demand for advertising grows so does the value of the Official Media Tokens.

The Media Officials marketplace is open to approved contributors, community builders, members, advertisers, businesses, charities and partners. The Media Officials platform creates high value advertising and content formats which attracts top talent, influencers, advertisers, business and charities. These members purchase advertising, content creation, influencer services and boost content which helps generate liquidity in the marketplace.

Media Officials has created several revenue streams and a network of officials branded niche properties that appeal to advertisers, members and contributors alike. This structure allows us to create quality journalism, news and content while serving native and display ad formats in a style that is professional, unobtrusive and enjoyable. Our Marketplace also tracks and ranks top content creators, community builders and influencers that can be hired by members.

Advertisers, partners and speculators will want to purchase the OMT as its value will increase as membership grows and advertising demand increases. Using the OMT provides platform advantages like premium publishing for businesses and discounts on advertising and services. This creates additional demand and liquidity for the token.

The Media Officials Token is issued directly to contributors wallets providing the ability for contributors to receive instant payment for their work with no transaction costs.

Join MediaOfficials.com now and receive 100 bonus tokens for you first 5 posts.

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