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Media Officials creates and publishes custom campaigns across thousands of sites and social media platforms.

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Benefit from influencer and bounty campaigns and have your content and brand endorsed by industry leaders.

The Media Officials Network and token attracts and generates top official influencers.

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Publishing with Media Officials is simple. We have solutions for all budgets. Discover new markets, audiences and communities.

Media Officials creates original engaging content and has access to millions of uniques across top publications. Our properties also cover restrictive solutions like cannabis and crypto blended with major topics like health, wealth, travel, fashion, food, finance, sport, tech and more.

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Social media, blogs, forums, chats and Google...

Have your content published on social media platforms targeting your ideal audience. Our journalism advertorial approach helps get quick approval and results.

Generate buzz in blogs, chats and forums like reddit, bitcointalk, medium, steemit, telegram …

Charities and Philanthropy

Media Officials offers Charities an amazing platform to build awareness, generate members and raise donations for free.

Approved charities receive free website hosting and officials templates designed specifically for charities and fundraising. Charities receive free marketing services like content creation, promotion and community building.

Media Officials Philanthropy directly supports causes that officials are passionate about. We dedicate our in house full time professionals, resources and our partner network to help you achieve your objectives.

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