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Olga Boiko

To do big business, you need to have the right setup to make that happen. Now, thanks to Health Canada, Aphria Inc. has been given the green light to add an additional 800,000 square feet of facilities at its Aphria One location. This is all part of the company’s completed Part IV and Part V expansions.

“This is a major milestone for Aphria on its path to becoming a leading global cannabis producer, as well as a positive development greatly anticipated by the Canadian cannabis industry,” said Irwin D. Simon, Interim CEO of Aphria. “Aphria’s progress expanding production and automation is essential to our strategy of securing scale and long-term advantages that enable the evolution of the cannabis industry through product and brand innovation. With Aphria One, we now have the ability to expand our production capacity by over three times.”

Simon went on to say Aphria will now be able to expand its production capacity and proprietary automation technology to “ensure Aphria remains at the forefront of cannabis cultivation and innovation.”

What’s more, the Interim CEO added that Aphria anticipated Health Canada’s approval of this matter. As a result, the company had already allocated space in its previously approved facility space to mother and vegetative plants. These, Simon explained, will be used as the initial growing crops in Part IV and Part V. These plants (nearly 22,000 of them) will be moved accordingly by Friday.

“Growing operations in the expanded facilities are expected to commence without delay,” confirmed Simon.

An additional 12,000 plants will be added each week until Aphria reaches “full crop rotation.”

“The completed Part IV & Part V expansions at Aphria One bring industrial-scale horticulture production technology to cannabis cultivation,” read a press release issued by Aphria. “While critical phases such as initial cuttings, trimming and pruning mature plants will be performed by hand, the in-house designed technology will automate key steps.”

Moving forward, said automation technology will handle tasks such as transplanting cuttings, transporting plants through harvesting, de-budding and rough trimming, dying and curing, as well as waste disposal.

Aphria notes cannabis production capacity will rise to 110,000 kg annually at its Aphria One facility.

In a recent CannabisOfficials article, Aphria Inc. was named one of the Canadian cannabis stocks to watch in 2019.
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