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Olga Boiko

Where a kid can be (sugar-filled) kid.

Ahhhhh, Chuck E. Cheese’s. It’s where “a kid can be a kid,” eat some perhaps recycled pizza (jk), play skee-ball, and now—enjoy unicorn churros! The brand is launching the colorful churros just in time for National Unicorn Day, which falls on April 9. Beginning April 8, you can order the pink, green, and blue treats.

You should take your favorite kiddo to Chuck E. Cheese’s for National Unicorn Day as the brand is celebrating by offering a free order of the Unicorn Churros with the purchase of 30 minutes of “All You Can Play!”

And what’s unicorn-themed food without some social media coverage, am I right??? According to a Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesperson, “kids can help spread the word of the colorful, whimsical Unicorn Churros” by posting a photo with their hair in a unicorn horn, with the hashtag: #UnicornItChallenge. Those who participate could receive a prize!

The churros will be available through June 6 at Chuck E. Cheese’s locations nationwide for $3.99. You can also order them through DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub beginning April 8. Perfect activity and snack for a rainy day this spring and summer!

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