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Michael Stark

We are very excited to release our 2018 Integrated Report. For the first time we have also created a video to introduce the report to a broader audience.

This is our second report using the Integrating Reporting methodology focusing on the six capitals. Our biggest impact is on human capitals and smallest is environmental. As a service based business this makes sense as we are people serving people at the core of our business and create little impact on the environment.

New this year we are linking our reporting the the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are excited to join the growing movement of businesses aligning their sustainability initiatives with the SDGs.

We continue to have a fruitful engagement with the B Corp community, which continues to flourish here in Canada and around the globe. We are proud members of the Centre of Social Innovation and work closely with our collegues at The Roots Collaborative.

Thanks to our writer Samiya Hirji and our marketing partner Hobe Hosokawa Marketing who made the report sparkle!

You are find our 2018 report here. Enjoy and we welcome your feedback.

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