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Get Paid for Posting, Sharing and Caring!

Post your content and have it published across several officials sites based on tags. This generates more views, followers, shares and links than any other platform. Get paid as it performs.

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What is MediaOfficials.com?

MediaOfficials.com is an open publishing and news platform that pays members for creating, posting, sharing, voting and more. Media Officials is built using blockchain technology which creates several advantages that do not exist with other publishers. Users generate rewards that can be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency through our exchange partners. 

How do I get paid with MediaOfficials?

Reads and views  – The more reads and views your content receives the more tokens you receive. This motivates our contributors and media officials to produce the best content possible. 

Followers – Receive tokens for each new follower. It’s always a good idea to reach out to your followers on other platforms as they will increase your reads and views helping you grow your audience with shares. The number of followers is the main factor in achieving a “ media official ” designation and badge. This opens up access to more revenue, bonuses and contest prizes. 

Tips – Other members can like and tip your content sending funds to your wallet. Our blockchain does this instantly with zero transfer fees. 

Daily Bonus Pool – Treasury mints and issues new tokens daily that are distributed to top performers. Media officials decide where the daily pool of new tokens are distributed. The more likes from a media official you receive, the more of the daily bonus pool you recieve. 

Fact Checking – Once approved as a Media Official Fact Checker you can earn tokens by taking the time to fact check and verify content to help make it official. 

Marketplace Services – Once members have become a media official through a certain amount of votes, followers and token ownership they will become a media official and receive several benefits.  One major benefit is they will be listed in the market place and have access to a percentage of tokens from daily ad campaign pools.  

Interacting with content – Our partners pay members for interacting with content, surveys, petitions…  through commenting, voting, liking, sharing and whatever else they can think of. 

MediaOfficials Benefits and Advantages. 

  • Posts are published across dozens of officials sites based on tagging. 
  • Businesses can create interactive and targeted campaigns by dedicating daily rewards budgets for commenting, sharing and voting. 
  • Members can easily exchange rewards into cryptocurrency or cash. 
  • Instant settlement and no transaction fees through our blockchain. 
  • Fundraising features for charities, causes, start ups and more.
  • Open up new pools of crypto currency donors and strategic partners. 
  • Fact check content in minutes from approved Media Officials.
  • All content is permanently stored on the blockchain. 
  • Vertical content sites are highly attractive to advertisers and create unobtrusive advertising formats and instant publishing.  
  • Create dozens of quality links quickly boosting organic search rankings.
  • Members can easily boost posts that they are passionate about through dedicating some rewards points (tokens). 

What is our Mission?

MediaOfficials is dedicated to making climate change and urgent stories into headlines. Urgent stories are blended with trending topics and breaking news to help reach larger audiences. One major advantage is our ability to instantly reward members for contributing, curating, voting and community building. 


How does MediaOfficials work?

MediaOfficials.com is the central publishing hub of 30 plus officials properties like climateofficials.com, tripofficials.com and cannabisofficials.com.  All of these platforms read, write, publish, prioritize and share content based on tagging and votes. All the content is stored in an immutable blockchain ledger, and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called Official Tokens (OT). 

Every day, the blockchain mints new Officials Tokens and adds them to a community “rewards pool”. These tokens are then awarded to users for their contributions and the votes that their content receives. Users who hold more tokens in their account known as their “Official Ranking” will get to decide where a larger portion of the rewards pool is distributed.  Meaning, the more tokens a member holds the more daily votes they get. This helps to give longer term members more control regarding what content receives up votes and tokens. MediaOfficials rewards the people on the platform who contribute the most. Users become platform stakeholders, maintaining control over their data, and earning cryptocurrency rewards for each contribution they make.


How does MediaOfficials differ from other publishing platforms and websites?

No current publishing, news or social media platform takes a stance on urgent stories like climate change. No publishing and news platforms reward their  members daily with tokens and provides a marketplace with the possibility to earn a full time income. MediaOfficials believes that members of the platform should receive a share of the benefits and rewards for their time and contributions made to the platform. All members who own Officials Tokens will benefit as the OT will rise in value as the number of members goes up and the demand for advertising and services increases. MediaOfficials owns dozens of officials properties linked together that are highly attractive to advertisers. Advertisers buy OT to purchase advertising, publishing and services from media officials and members through the officials marketplace. This provides members with the ability to easily convert MOT into CAD, USD or other forms of cryptocurrency. 



Does it cost anything to post, comment, or vote?

No. It is free to post, comment, and vote on content on MediaOfficials. You might even get paid for it!


Who would use MediaOfficials.com?

  • Writers and journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Content creators 
  • Influencers and social media curators  
  • Anyone posting Medium, WordPress, tumbler or similar platforms
  • Pollsters, research firms, governments
  • Charities, fundraisers, startups
  • Businesses

How do I exchange my rewards (tokens) for crypto or cash? 

You can exchange you tokens through one of our many established exchange partners. 

MediaOfficials for Advertisers and Businesses

The Media Officials technology, rewards system, publishing matrix, market place and brand creates one of the most powerful digital advertising solutions available. Media Officials members are incentivised to engage, create forums, comment and share content that is of genuine interest. Below is a list of some of the benefits. For a complete campaign solution contact us @. 

  • Publish content across the Media Officials platform and open up new markets, increase followers, create new links. 
  • Our marketplace ranks top content producers so businesses can hire to create articles, stories, videos and more. 
  • Use chat features to engage in generate new clients, lead, followers…
  • Create long term engagement and sharing around your content through forums and comments by contributing a daily pool of tokens to your story. 
  • Access top influencers through our marketplace to endorse and share your content while engaging in forums and commenting. 
  • Members can chat directly with advertisers through posts. 
  • Media Officials offer the ability to boost content across thousands of premium sites across north america. 

The Marketplace

The Media Officials marketplace is open to approved contributors, community builders, members, advertisers, businesses, charities and partners. Advertisers can purchase tokens from members to use for services such as content creation, influencer services and community building.