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Carrie Stark

We are just half way through July, but it’s never too early to start preparing your child (and you!) for their first school experience in September. It can be a nervous time for both the child and parent, but with a few time tested suggestions and helpful hints you can make it a wonderful and happy experience for the both of you.

It all starts with a positive outlook when talking with you child about starting school. Perhaps if you live nearby you could go for a walk or drive to the school and talk about all the fun things that will happen in the classroom. Tell them about the new friends that they will meet and all the fun they will have with the new activities that their teacher will have ready for them. If you know the teacher’s name start to use it when talking about school so that the child becomes familiar with it.

Getting everyone ready in the morning and out the door can be a challenge, but establishing a morning routine and sticking with it can give a nervous or worried child comfort. The time on the clock doesn’t matter so much as the order in which things happen.

Will there be tears at drop-off? Maybe at first or maybe they will start after a week or two once the shine of a new experience wears off and they realize that they have to keep going! It can be hard for a parent to leave a crying child, but a quick drop-off is the best and the teacher most likely has experience helping a crying child adjust. The tears don’t usually last too long once your child is in the classroom and sees all the fun things to do.

If after a few weeks your little one is still a bit worried about school sometimes bringing something into class can help. A book to share or donate to the class library, fresh flowers or a special snack for the class can serve as a distraction. They get so excited to be bringing something that they forget to be worried! Just remember to check with the teacher if there are any food allergies.

Starting school is an exciting and fun experience so don’t forget to also smile and enjoy the moment when taking that first day photo before they are off to start their new adventures.


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