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Mumma Monza

And just like that they began to grow up and start dating…. Take me back to when parenting worries were spilled sippy cups, nappy explosions and if they needed a nap!

I remember what I was doing at 15 and 14, I shudder! How did we get here already?

I don’t think I am ready or prepared for this.

I envisioned I would be this “cool” mum, not at all even the slightest bit embarrassing for my children. My children’s friends would sing the praises of my awesomeness. I would be in touch with their generation and never, ever utter “Well, when I was your age”.

The reality isn’t exactly what I envisioned….

Turns out, I am not that “cool mom”! I feel creeped out while there is something other than my kidlets stuffed toys sitting on their bed. I cannot help it! I get all weird don’t know where to look, start acting strange and become this completely different person.

Yesterday, my son brought over his friend, I could not even make eye contact with the boy once I realized what was actually going on……the boy was into my daughter and she was acting pretty smitten too. This was a set-up!

Now, we have the talking and communication part down with the kids. Our children talk openly and as honestly us. I will never forget the day when my son came beaming through the door declaring with a huge smiling from ear to ear saying “kissing is way harder than I thought it would be but AWESOME!”.

Even at 14, he still needed reminding to brush his teeth daily, but he was ready to stick his tongue in another person’s mouth? I felt confused.

I keep my resting face on. I wasn’t sure how I was meant to respond. Was I supposed to give him a high five and celebrate?

He sat eagerly detailing his first “real kiss” as I began to straighten up on the couch. Here we go, I thought. I’m not sure I am ready for this.

I felt comfort and pride my son came home and was so brutally honest with us and keeping us involved in his world. But now that dark shadow of fear sweeps over me…..after all, I remember what I was up to when “I was his age”. But I wasn’t walking around with a loaded weapon in my pants!

And then it happened…..my 14 year-old daughter got hit with the “love bug”, and he is my son’s mate. Making matters even worse he has a motorbike too. Now, don’t get me wrong, my son rides his own motorcycle here in Cambodia. It is quite common… .I was actually hoping that would be a deterrent for any girls parents allowing their daughters to date my son and the with costs of maintaining a vehicle he wouldn’t be able to afford or have time to be interested in girls….. FAIL! lol.

I certainly don’t like the idea of my baby girl hanging onto some teenage boy on the back of his motorcycle. and she won’t be allowed to ride with him, helmet or not!

Yep, not the “cool” mum again…

Now call me what you may, but the fears of my son running around with his weapon are nothing compared with the feeling of knowing your daughter wants to spend time with a young boy who is also armed and dangerous.

Now I need to start looking at what artillery I need….

When should I have “the talk” about birth control? Do I wait until I think a relationship looks serious? If we were to look at taking the pill, for example, am I giving her an open pass to go for it? Do I whack a pkt of condoms and throw them in my son’s wallet? Oh man, How did the years fly so quickly, how the heck we are here already?

My mother spent most of my childhood drumming into my head about the struggles of teen pregnancy. Not in just parenting a little human and obstacles and challenges you face, but also the way you are judged and feel hurt by an opinionated community.

She spoke truthfully from her heart her ambitions for me, she understood the journey too well having fallen pregnant with me herself at 14 years old. Maybe this just adds to the anxiety I feel as my gorgeous daughter flips her hair and acts differently around her brothers’ friends. I understand teen pregnancy and being raised by teens, I am the product of it.

The fear is real! Why can’t they just be babies again?

As I stand here knee high in the depths of teenage love, I don’t like it and have no idea what I am doing.

All I do know is that all love all 5 of my gorgeous children with every inch of my heart. How did we even get here already? It was only yesterday I was cradling them in my arms dreaming of our futures.


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