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The Mission

”Media Officials mission is to cover, create, prioritize and promote stories that affect the wellbeing of life on earth and the health of the planet. Media Officials propels urgent and neglected stories into the mainstream as headlines by blending them with more popular trending topics."

– Michael Stark, Founder.

Community Engagement

Generate buzz about Media Officials by creating dialogue around Media Officials. Our new approach as a media company prioritizes todays relevant topics backed by facts. Promote our topics, token and advertising solutions to help increase token value which helps contributors like you make more money.


Contributors won’t just be copying, pasting, and sharing, but creating original content that will cultivate genuine interest about everything related to the topics and services that Media Officials is all about.


  • We’re not looking for spammers or hacks, but rather a group of well-informed and passionate people who want to make a difference. We’ll review all contributors subjectively on an individual basis and the best will be offered freelance or full time positions.
  • You must provide links to wherever it is you are commenting.
  • The channels that you post in must be alive and have active conversations and users in them.
  • Remember, this is for comments, all longform writing will fall under the content creation component.


If you’re successful in creating an engaging conversations we will reward you additional tokens on a subjective basis. Taking into consideration the popularity of the platform/channel/thread and the tone of conversation relating to Media Officials and our topics and services.

Content Creation

Are you a creative person who has a passion for journalism, news, writing, making videos, photography and want to make a difference? Well, look no further and put those skills to use right here.


Create content that will sufficiently cover different aspects of our service and/or our token. You will have a lot of creative control, so don’t feel limited on what you can cover and how you can do so.


  • Originality: Keep your content authentic and unique to you. Use our website and resources as a reference point, but you need to make the content you create your own.
  • Creativity: Your content needs to be interesting & engaging to the reader, try and keep things punchy and get readers drawn into what you’re presenting. Eye catching Headlines and Images are always a great place to start.
  • Audience: In this regard, we stress quality over quantity. If your audience is smaller, but more relevant to your area of experience then this is definitely more valuable than sharing to 10,000 uninterested readers. We will help Media Officials members share content across our platform and social channels providing exposure to millions of potential readers.

All posts written about Media Officials should describe our mission and our token rewards program and our marketplace. Our token makes owners a part of the community and give them the ability to make a difference


Approved contributors receive rewards based on the length, quality and type of content. Additional rewards are paid based on shares and likes. If you start an engaging conversation based off of your content you’ll be rewarded additional tokens. For example, if you post on Reddit and the comment section goes wild talking about what you’ve share, then this will entitle you to extra tokens.

Fact Checking

Do you have a passion for research, finding the facts and want to be associated with officials verified journalism? We reward fact checking and research with tokens and increased opportunities for full time and part time freelance positions.

Fact checked content is pre published on our officials network that is open only to pre approved verified fact checkers. Once the content is researched and receives a certain amount of thumbs up by approved fact checkers it is then published across the officials network to the public.

Media Officials in house editorial team prioritizes topics for fact checking that are mission critical. The good news is once its fact checked and is verified as official on the block chain it is impossible to delete or destroy by any government, organization or individual.

Example of topics for fact checking:

  • Anything a politician says or writes
  • Climate change & enviromental news
  • Human rights and equality
  • Journalism
  • Health
  • Government policies
  • Suspicious 3rd party content

As news, science back research, climate change topics are pre published it is opened to fact checkers to qualify and earn tokens.

Media Officials Token (MOT)

The Media Officials token incentification program is open to approved contributors, community builders and influencers. The program is created to identify, promote and reward top contributors, community builders and influencers while creating an interactive social community of support and sharing. As the community and content quality grows so does the value of the Media Officials token. Tokens can be easily converted into cash or crypto in the Media Officials marketplace through exchange partners.

The Media Officials marketplace is open to approved contributors, community builders, members, advertisers, businesses, charities and partners. The Media Officials platform creates high value advertising and content formats which attracts top talent, influencers, advertisers, business and charities. These members purchase advertising, content creation, influencer services and boost content which helps generate liquidity in the marketplace.

Media Officials has created several revenue streams and a network of officials branded properties that appeal to advertisers, members and contributors alike. This structure allows us to create quality journalism, news and content while serving native and display ad formats in a style that is professional, unobtrusive and enjoyable. Our Marketplace also tracks and ranks top content creators, community builders and influencers that can be hired by members.

Advertisers and Partners will want to purchase the MOT as its value will increase with  direct advertising costs and carry platform premiums. This creates additional demand and liquidity for the token. The Media Officials Token is issued directly to contributors wallets. This provides the ability for contributors to track and easily receive compensation for their work with no transaction costs.

Charities and Philanthropy

Media Officials offers Charities an amazing platform to build awareness, generate members and raise donations for free. Approved charities will receive free website hosting and officials templates designed specifically for charities and fundraising. We also provide approved charities free marketing services like content creation, promotion and community building.

Once approved charities are ready they will be given access to the marketplace where contributors will be able to donate services like content creation, design, boosts, community building and promotion. Charities will be provided with a digital wallet and exchange accounts so that they can accept donations in crypto, tokens and cash. Access to tokens and crypto opens up access to billions of dollars in potential donations.

Media Officials members and contributors can choose to become a philanthropist when they register. Officials philanthropists will be given access to approved charities so then can choose their areas of interest and donate through time and service. Members will be given a philanthropist designation on their profile so that can receive additional incentives and tokens from media officials for their support.

Media Officials partners provide blockchain and social funding solutions for charities. Our partner solutions provide transparency and trust which helps increase donations and opens new audiences… we like that :)

Media Officials Philanthropy directly supports causes that officials are passionate about. We dedicate our inhouse full time professionals, resources and partner network to help you achieve your objectives. Media Officials current mission is to cover, create, prioritize and promote stories that affect the wellbeing of life on earth and the health of the planet. Media Officials brings these stories into the mainstream as headlines by blending coverage with more popular trending topics to reach wider audiences.

Media Officials covers urgent and important topics like climate change and human rights through fact based journalism while exposing misleading news, sources and false facts.

Media Officials is investing in technologies, talent and research to help empower people to make a difference. We believe that one of the best ways to support change is to help support politicians and business that claim they want to make a difference. We will fact check their claims and if proven to be official we will provide unlimited support and services to get their message to the masses. Teams of Media Officials will provide ongoing support to help keep them on track so they achieve their objectives.

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