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Michael Stark

ClimateOfficials.com is making Climate Change News Official!

Media Officials has created climateofficials.com as the official site dedicated to climate change news and information. Partners, influencers and contributors can become climate officials and help build the most powerful site for fighting climate change possible. One of climate officials objectives is to build an open source data protocol with officials fact checked climate related data. People around the world can use this data to build applications that generate change and create awareness.

Media Officials climate mission is to build a trusted publishing brand and platform that appeals to all demographics and makes climate change the leading story. We will provide our users the ability to interact, contribute and measure results so they know that they are making a difference. We feel that there are endless ways for people to help contribute and save the planet while preventing climate change. One of the most important steps in this process is having access to trusted proven facts and undeniable stories that are actionable.

We feel the people who have the ability to affect the most change are in positions of power like politicians, business leaders and influencers. Media Officials dedicates resources like fact checking, content creation and publishing so members and the public can quickly know a politicians stance on climate change. People can then choose to support, contribute and create awareness motivating others to take action. This is also the same when it comes to buying a companies products, services or investments. Quick and easy access to a politician, an individual or a businesses stance on climate change is what we are building. Media Officials will dedicate all possible resources so that the public can know who the local politicians and leaders are in regards to climate change.

We will make is easy for our members to support candidates and individuals and help them achieve their objectives. Members can create and publish stories. Influencers and community builders can share the stories and spread the word when it matters. Individuals and business can easily boost the content through contributions of all sizes and forms. We use the latest re-marketing and tagging technology to inform and support climate positive efforts. Media Officials will provide fact checking, network publishing, partner support, official fact checking and resources when possible.

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