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Media Officials covers, creates, prioritizes and promotes stories that affect the wellbeing of life on Earth and the health of the planet.

Media Officials uses blockchain and custom algorithms to instantly issue members financial rewards for content, shares, votes, fact checking and more.

Here are some of the problems that Media Officials are solving.

  1. Making climate change news into mainstream headlines.
  2. Paying members for content, community building and taking action through voting and fact checking.
  3. Researching and rating politicians and business so people can vote, support and create awareness nationally and locally.
  4. Motivating millions of people to engage, contribute and support climate change solutions.
  5. Build a profitable online media company that takes a stance on climate change.

1. Making Climate Change Main Stream News

Media Officials mission is to cover, create, prioritize and promote stories that affect the wellbeing of life on earth and the health of the planet. Media Officials brings these stories into the mainstream as headlines by blending coverage with more popular trending topics to reach wider audiences. Media Officials covers urgent and important topics like climate change, human rights and politics through fact based journalism while exposing misleading news, sources and false facts.

2. Paying Members for Content and Performance

Media Officials uses blockchain, custom algorithms and tokens to instantly issue financial rewards for content, shares, votes, fact checking and more. All payments have zero transactions costs, are instant and can be converted into USD, Bitcoin or other forms of currency through our marketplace and exchange partners.

3. Climate Content and Facts

Media Officials generates quality climate change content from dedicated in house teams, journalists, researchers, freelance professionals and members. Media Officials also partners with leading climate groups, institutions and business to get the latest news and data as fast as possible. We have dedicated teams that research and rank politicians and businesses so people can vote and support.

4. Motivating Millions

Media Officials will quickly attract millions of members and contributors by providing them with more value than other platforms. Our brand, publishing power, news and journalism will quickly propel us to millions of members.

The combination of an open publishing platform that takes a stance will motivate millions of people who are looking to effect change where they can contribute. This combined with incentivized user generated content, a marketplace, partnership solutions, and our network of branded properties gives us the ability to achieve our 100 million members mission.

5. Create profit, liquidity and value

The Media Officials Token will increase in value as the amount of members and contributors increases. As member and contributor numbers increase so will the Media Officials brand, demand for advertising and services. This will also ensure the liquidity and long term success of the Media Officials Token.

Media Officials has created several revenue streams and a network of over 30 officials branded properties that appeal to advertisers, members and contributors alike. This structure allows us to create and promote urgent quality journalism, news and content while serving highly targeted native and display ad formats in a style that is professional, unobtrusive and enjoyable.

Contributors and members can directly affect the value of tokens they own by the quality of work they produce helping to ensure increasing standards and viral growth.

Become a Media Official today and start earning for your content, interests and time while helping save the planet. Make it Official!

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