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Vadim Bobyr

If you want a dog in your life, here are some thoughts to help you find your perfect match.

Think about a pet who compliments your lifestyle. If you’re a couch potato, you want a lazy pet. If you love long walks and have lots of time, you can opt for a high-energy pet.

It is fairly common for breeders and adopters to come and talk to you in your own home. This is because they want to make sure you’ve got what it takes to give an animal a great home.

If you’re buying from a distant breeder or rescuer, they should still ask you a lot of questions about your home and lifestyle. If they’re not interested in the best for the dog, it implies they will be just as careless about the pet’s health and breeding.

If you’re offered a young pup on the basis of it being cute, watch out! A puppy should be with its mum for at least 10 weeks, and 12 is better. Dogs learn manners from mum, so to rip them away is just begging for behavioural issues.

Ethical breeders will give you a totally healthy pup. It should also be socialised. Rescuers, especially those who work in large shelters, will give you a dog that’s basically healthy, vaccinated, flea free, and neutered but it may be stressed or suffer from anxiety. That means it may have an upset tummy or need some special love. Tip: Don’t adopt or buy in a hurry.

By Ellen Whyte

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