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Olga Boiko

Designed by Damien Hirst for the famed Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, this incredible Sky Villa is probably the world’s most incredible hotel suite, the pinnacle of luxury reserved for millionaires and casino players who are willing to pay a whooping $200,000 for just two nights here.

That easily makes it the world’s most expensive hotel suite, a two-story luxury sky villa like no other, with Hirst’s signature designs creating an alluring atmosphere everywhere you go. Called the ‘Empathy Suite’, this one-of-a-kind sky villa is part of a $690 million investment that aims to reshape the Palms Casino Resort.

As you might expect, the Sky Villa offers everything its select clientele might wish for. 24 hour butler service, a private art tour, car service with driver for the entire stay, A-list access to some of the resort’s most exclusive amenities and even a $10,000 credit to use at the resort while you’re staying there.

The opulent hotel suite was born as a collaboration between Bentel & Bentel and Damien Hirst, with the latter’s ‘signature’ appearing in almost every detail of the Sky Villa.

Specially-designed furniture with Hirst’s spin designs, butterfly and pharmacy motifs, massive works of art like two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde and a 13-seat curved bar imagined by the acclaimed artist are just a few of the bespoke details you’ll get to enjoy here.

There are also two luxurious lounge and theater areas flanking the bar, with enough room for a total of 52 guests, and an interior design that will surely take your breath away.

Serpentine-shaped Italian leather sofas, high end furniture, exquisite drapery and superb carpeting will make every guest feel comfortable here, while the large dining area and an outdoor veranda with cantilevered Jacuzzi featuring mosaic inlaid butterflies and pill decals make this suite even more alluring.

The $100,000 a night suite comes with cool master bedrooms, featuring California-king beds, spacious closets and museum-worthy bathrooms. The lucky guests staying in the Empathy Suite will also get to enjoy a private healing salt room, two massage rooms and a fitness room, while the outdoor terrace has a comfortable seating overlooking the lights of Las Vegas below.


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